Boxed In – Census PSA

Script, Video, Graphics, Audio.

Costume design…very custom! Actually, finding a costume sized box was harder than expected. We did contact a few appliance stores with no luck. Eventually NW Sporting Goods on 82nd was good enough to donate.

A Highschool friend, Kevin Lax, works in the film scoring business and he was incredibly gracious to score this and “April Snapshot.” And it is superb work! I wish I had a link to his portfolio.

Post effects work includes:
Scene extension (advertisement erasure, compositing)
Color correction and Vignetting
Animated Message and logo Graphics

Acting – Michael Hussleby
Original Score – Kevin Lax
Voice Over Artist – Mark Loring
Voice Over Artist – Adam Marcinowski
Voice Over Recordist – Marc Rose
Producers – Siniva Bennett, Clay Neal, Michael Kurz
Direction & Editing – Michael Kurz
Post Graphics – Michael Kurz
Special Thanks to – Mayor Sam Adams, Whitney Hall