Before & After Interview Shot on Huffington Post

I was recently hired to edit about an hour of interview footage down to under 2 minutes. That’s certainly a difficult task, especially when the topic of the interview was about the very recent passing of a spouse. It feels disrespectful to splice a person mid-raw-emotional-sentence and paste it back together, as if I know better how to tell the story, but that’s obviously what I did. And ultimately, I’ve come to terms with it because I feel like I ended up with a good balance of emotion and exposition in my 2 min window of time.

That said, I still had some awkwardness going on in the shot and by awkwardness I mean several distracting objects in the frame: a lamp and tissue box. It wouldn’t be the end of the world to keep them in there, but it’s oh so clean with em out.

And maybe because of that extra work (and the much more amazing real-life story of Linda Campbell), the final video actually made its way onto Huffington Post.



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